Saturday, May 26, 2007

Walking to the creek

Noah and I like to go for a walk to the creek. It as a long walk for a 3 year old but he does really well. I only have to carry him a little way on the way back. We go down a dirt road and he likes to sit there and play in the dirt.
Noah, "It makes me so happy to play in the dirt!"

One day on the way there we saw a bunch of students on a field trip, Noah said "Hi guys!" and we went on our way.
A few of them walked by the creek, Noah, "Hi I'm throwing rocks."

On the way back we saw some crow's flying around making noise. Noah, "What is that?"
Me, "Crows"
Noah, "They say AWW AWW"
Noah, "Say it... say AWW AWW!"
Noah continues to CAW on the way back, he says it is a scary noise and he caws at the bee's, butterflies, ect... to scare them away.

We see the students again on the way back, Noah, "I am going to say AWW to them." He just goes up to a group of students and says, "AWW AWW!" they look at him like he is crazy. I just say he saw some crows, and they smile at him.
He goes up to another group and does this again, "AWW AWW!" they are younger and don't understand.

We keep going and he plays in the dirt again, and we have to go check if the strawberries are ripe, (they are just flowers now).

I still haven't cleaned out that closet... well the walk was more fun.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day Off

I have an extra day off during the week now! Well worth working ten hour days. I am so used to getting up early that waking at 5am is sleeping in, and everyone else is still sleeping.

My house is getting crowded with all my daughters stuff, and this is just the begining. It is working a little better than I expected, at least for now.
I also have a hamster, but he never bites and so far he has been no trouble. I think I need to set him up with a bigger and better cage though. His cage is medium size so it is alright, I am just thinking of all the hamster accessories he could have, (like setting up Barbie's house when we were kids)... that was more fun than playing Barbies. The hamster dream house is my goal.

I need to clean out my closet too, that is my least favorite thing to do. It is a perfect time because my sister is having a yard sale this weekend. I know if you having worn something in a year throw it out... I have stuff I haven't worn for 5 years. Well I figure the rule doesn't apply if you wear uniforms to work.

Today I have to go to Walmart, which I am dreading, the store just sucks you in and even if you want ONE thing, you end up spending at least $80 and then you wonder how that happened and what the hell you bought. I know I can buy some hamster stuff.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I have just spent an entire week with him, while on vacation. I am just going to attempt to write down some of the things he says so that I can remember them later.
He talks non stop, and you have to pay attention to everything he says. If you can't understand what he said, he will keep repeating it, and you can't just say, "yeah Okay" he is too smart for that and will ask you, "What did Noah say?" If you do not get it right he will repeat it again, and eventually start a screaming fit.
Example: Noah, "The bird is _______ his house."
Me, "The bird is in his house?"
Noah, "No, the bird is ________his house."
Me, "The bird wants in his house?"
Noah, (now screaming and crying) "NO! The bird _______ his house!"

After trying to calm him down and having him repeat this sentance three or four more times, I finally got it, "The bird is building his house." As soon as I said it he stopped crying and went on with what he was doing, building something with blocks.
He is constantly pretending, he is either a baby penguin, a baby bird, a baby rabbit, Bambi, a shark, a dinasour, lion, tiger, or a baby hamster.
Noah, "Do you know who is chasing us?"
Me, "No, who is chasing us?
Noah, "Sharks!"
Me, "Oh no! what are we going to do?"
Noah, "Say, What color are those sharks?"
Me, "What color are those sharks?"
Noah, "Blue ones, Black and Red sharks."
He then goes on with either, "I'm going to eat those sharks!" or "We have to eat those sharks!" or "We better swim faster to get away from the sharks." or it could happen that Winnie the Pooh will save us from the sharks.

If he happens to be Bambi there is usually a "bad deer" and he is going to fight it.
He is an amazing kid, he is with his other grandparents for the weekend and I miss him already.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Start

I have decided to make this more of a journal instead of just talking about work. I think it became too negative. I haven't been posting because I haven't been very happy at my job. It always get's that way in the winter. My goal is to find another job before Sept. I am tired of waking up at 3:00am and deicing planes and working out in the cold.
Now I can talk about the most interesting person in my life, my Grandson Noah. He is 3 and he is exhausting and wonderful and super smart. (not that I am biased at all).
I am on vacation this week, so I should have more time. I didn't do too much today. Took a walk with Noah to the creek, he loves throwing rocks and sticks in the water. I did get my exercise in today, I have been jumping on a mini trampoline.
Well jumping and "dancing", (badly), along with my MP3 player. I can jump for 30 mins. and it doesn't feel like exercising.
It is harder that I thought trying to be myself in this blog. Maybe because there are people who know me that I have told about it. The most revealing thing I will say this time are the songs I have on my MP3 player. My favorite song for exercising is Viva Las Vegas, nothing gets me going better than Elvis. I have a lot of Elvis. That is enough self revelation for now.
My daugher is probably going to move in with me by June. She needs to save money right now and is having some problems. That should be interesting.
I will have to talk about work too, the blonde agent quit, we did hire some more interesting characters, I might describe them later. Just a comment to the public in general..... Please don't show up at the airport less than 30 mins prior to your departure time and assume that you will make the flight.... even at small airports you might not make it. I know that things happen and sometimes you are just running late, I can understand that and people that are running late usually know it. It is the people who just have no clue, at the ticket counter at 6:30, want to check bags and can't understand why they won't make it, the flight doesn't leave until 6:45. (It's called security)
Ok I admit it... I also have David Cassidy on my MP3.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Engineer (retired)

Did you ever just want to give someone a valium? That is Will. He gets so hyper over nothing. There will be two people in line, and he is running around like a maniac.
He also wants to know WHY.
"Why is the computer entry set up like this?... it doesn't make sense, it should be this way."
"Will, I don't know. I didn't write the program. You just have to do it the way it set up."

"Why does it take so long for the paperwork to come out of the printer?"
"I don't know Will, it just does."

If EVERYTHING is not spelled out in the correct order, it drives him crazy! and he thinks that everyone should do the same thing the same way... or he will ask WHY?

I bet he drove his parents crazy as a kid.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Job interview tips

The manager at our station was telling us about a job interview. Keep in mind that we really need to hire people.
The girl he interviewed today... first of all she wore pants that were way too tight, but he would have overlooked that.
When you go for a job interview, try not to use phrases such as "like you know" after ever sentence.
The phrase that really did it was she actually said "AS IF!"
He did not want to hire a Valley Girl.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blonde Agent

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The Blonde Agent

We hired a new agent. Yes she is blonde, but not just physically. We have several "blonde" agents at the station, but this woman is the most "BLONDE" person I have ever met in my life.
As I have said before, on the ramp we do the same thing everyday! After working for about two weeks you would think that she would at least kind of get it. But no, she will move equipment so that it is obviously in the way of something else.
She will do the one thing that you ask her to do and then just stand there smiling.
After we push the aircraft back from the gate:

"Peg, great job disconnecting the tow bar from the tug!" (She stands there all proud and smiling) "You might want to also disconnect it from the plane too."
(Takes off a lot better that way)

Everyone likes Peg, she is very nice and tries really hard, but she is just sooooo blonde!

It is the same thing when she flags the plane in (honestly I think she will stand there until she is told to do something else)

"OK Peg great job.. now chock the wheels and lets pull up the jetbridge so that everyone can get off the plane."